About the Hurricane Horns

The Hurricane Horns were founded in 2013 to bring the joys of great horn music to a new audience. Enjoy!

Trombone, Founder

Clark is the founder of the Hurricane Horns. Back in the days of bell-bottoms and flowered shirts, Clark led the Nowhere Men through its touring days. Clark's distinctive trombone style is instantly recognizable!


Howard is a well-regarded musician with an incredible aptitude for music. He is a recording artist (see Riley & Richburg), and performs with Kaleidoscope.


Eric is an accomplished musician with his primary instrument as Trumpet. He is an instructor at Duke Ellington Performing Arts High School in Washington, DC., and performs with Kaleidoscope.

Vocals, Drums

Ralph has been performing since he was a youngster, and considers himself to be a vocalist first and a drummer second. Ralph has performed with the Admirals, is the leader of Kaleidoscope, and is a Vice President at Bach to Rock, a leader in musical education.

Vocals, Bass

Carl is a talented multi-instrumentalist who has recording and performance credits under his belt. Carl is Director of Operations at Bach to Rock, a leader in musical education.


Bob has been playing in bands since Vox Continentals were the organ of choice. In addition to the Hurricane Horns, Bob plays in Kaleidoscope.